ElectrifyRC Finch 3.3GHz 50-200mW Video Transmitter

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ElectrifyRC Finch 3.3GHz 50-200mW Video Transmitter - New in box


The ElectrifyRC Finch takes the drone piloting experience to a whole new level. In comparison to the well-known lack of performance offered by 5.8 GHz, this 3.3 GHz system beautifully penetrates obstacles that 5.8 GHz will bounce right off of. The end result is minimizing undesirable loss of reception and video drops.

In addition to operating on a stronger and more reliable band, the Finch also has two power levels available, that can easily be selected by the user prior to the flight. In ideal situations, the 3.3 GHz band gives the Finch twice the range in comparison to 5.8 GHz transmitters at the same power level.

This is the US Version which has channels 3370 and 3470 MHz.

NOTE: An antenna must be installed properly before power is applied to the transmitter. Powering on without a correctly installed antenna may easily burn the transmitter. Power spikes from other components such as ESC's can also damage the transmitter if powered directly from battery voltage. Such damage will not be covered under warranty.