SUNHANS 2.4GHz 3W 35dBm WiFi Signal booster (USED)

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SUNHANS 2.4GHz 3W 35dBm WiFi Signal booster

FPV UAV Video Extender 802.11b/g/n


SH24BTA-N Wi-Fi Booster is an indoor solution 3W bi-directional Booster designed for 2.4GHz wireless LANs. This unit comes with an easy plug-and-play installation, which works together with an indoor Wireless


Access Point to improve its operation range and performance. In certain conditions the unit is able to double the range of the wireless device. The WiFi amplifier extends signal range and can eliminate the use of an additional radio with its associated data line, power outlet, signal interference, and setup headaches.  


IEEE 802.11b/g/n  Compatible

SMA Connector

Antenna,cable, 12V DC power supply Included