• Handheld Gimbal, RVRD


    RVRD CAMERA RIGS: Fully “stabilized handheld camera rigs”, quick and easy so you can concentrate on getting the shots you want.

  • epic_movi_pl_motion_mount_cooke_min

    Handheld Movi

    MOVI STABILIZED HANDHELD GIMBALS: multiple modes like follow, remote  operated and we even have “Pan/Tilt Wheels”!

  • RVRD X8 Drone, UAV, Epic, Anamorphic, Film, commercial


    FIVE CUSTOM DRONES: Open Permitted, Fully Insured, Longest Flight times (up to 90 minutes) and Lifting Capacity (up to 75lbs)

  • Mining Aerial, Drone, UAV


    MINING: assessments and surveying w/ Flir Thermal Camera and LiDar

  • RVRD Red Dragon Drone

    Red Epic Dragon

    RED DRAGON DRONES: one of our 40lbs super heavy lift drones – Red Dragon, PL motion mount, Super Speeds, Movi and Tomahawk

  • revered cinema, rvrd, drone, uav, surveying, windmill

    Structural Surveying

    STRUCTURAL SURVEYING: for various applications like windmills, bridges, building, retaining walls, etc

  • RVRD Water Drone Aerial Whales

    Imax Humpback

    HAVING A WHALE OF A TIME: Imax/MacGillivray Freeman Films latest documentary due out in Imax theaters Jan 2015 (NOAA Permit Approved).

  • RVRD Aerial Hotair Ballon

    Awakening Balloon

    MAKE YOUR PRODUCTIONS SOAR: Aerial Cinematography using Red Epic | Zeiss Super Speed

  • RVRD - Architecture, Building Aerials

    Architerial Photography

    GET A NEW PERSPECTIVE TO YOUR MARKETING: Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library

  • RVRD Stills, Cinematography

    Ram Smoke

    BEHIND THE SCENES: Ram commercial featuring the Long Horn, Sam Elliot and a bunch of things blowing up (VFX Stills Shoot)

About Us

RVRD is North Americas premiere remote aerial company; 30+ years film experience, “OPEN PERMITTED” throughout Canada by Transport Canada, fully insured, longest flight times, heaviest lifting capacities, in-house RED / Blackmagic 4K camera gear, Freefly Movi, & custom designed UAV-Drones / Specialized RC Cars.

Revered Cinema specializes in heavy-lifting / low-altitude aerial cinematography with remote UAV-Drones & Movi stabilized gimbals for commercial, feature film, industrial & government applications. We are “OPEN PERMITTED” throughout Canada by Transport Canada, our gear is top of the line (Red Dragon, 2000ft+ wireless HD transmitter, remote focus w/ wheels, anamorphic lenses and zero post-stabilization). We have designed 5 UAV-Drones for 2014 to suit any application. Not only do we design & use our own UAV-Drones but also sell them worldwide to others that demand only the best in performance! So when you are looking for a team, choose Revered Cinema; one of the most experienced & knowledgeable professionals around.

DRONE FAQs - click to open

Why use RVRD:

- We are 1 of a few companies which have a “OPEN PERMIT” w/ Transport Canada meaning we govern and issue our own permits immediately after a risk assessment by our team (other companies take over 20-90 days to get permits) + we have “special operators” permits to fly at night, over 150ft, most weight “under 75lbs” and remote locations authorized.
- We have 30+ years combined film experience on high-end commercial and feature film productions.
- We design and build our UAV – Drone; not only for our productions but sell them world wide as well.
- We are one of the 1st UAV – Drone operation to be asked to join the IATSE Film Union in the world.
- We have all the equipment needed for any production (5 UAV-Drone systems, Epic “Dragon”, Preston Fiz, numerous Small HD Monitors, Paralinx Tomahawks, Stabilized Gimbals w/ Wheels, Generators, Trailer and the list goes on.
- We are partnered up with some of the best manufactures of film and electronic equipment in the world – assisting us to be on the cutting edge of technology.
- We are never satisfied and always pushing the envelope on what is possible, not only do we have the longest commerical flight times in the world but we are currently designing a Arri Alexa and 3D Epic Dragon rig which is unprecedented!


So please look around when choosing a “Low Altitude Aerial Team” and you will find we are one of, if not “the” most qualified team with the most film experience around!


Why are RVRD’s UAVs – Drones the best: Our UAV – Drones are NOT off the shelve rigs, we custom make/design our UAVs – Drone using the best/latest technology possible for the most demanding applications. Our rigs are so good we accually sell them world wide to other high-end film makers! The X8 “4 Arm” is specially designed for Ultra Heavy lifting cameras like the Epic Dragon and Phantom Miro with Cine-primes and Anamorphic lenses. Our X8’s design with over/under motor/prop configuration act a mini gyro stabilizers and having high mass/low surface area cuts through wind making it the most stable design period! The design is so good you will start to see other using it.


How large are the UAVs – Drones: The “Extended X8-E” is close to 7ft from “tip to tip”, “Compact X8-C” is 5ft, “Crash Cam X8-CC” is 3ft and “Ocean X8-O” is 1.5ft. All are collapsible designed and pack down quite small to travel anywhere in the world. Depending on the location we can fit everything needed into 1 pelican case “well the largest case Pelican makes”.


Why does RVRD have 5 UAVs – Drones:  Each are custom/designed manufactured for specific filming environments. Our “Extended X8-E” is one of a kind and currently has the longest flight times of any commercial UAV-Drone in the world – the “Extended X8-E” with Flir Thermal Camera can achieve 90min of flight times! The “Compact X8-C” is our film workhorse due to its smaller size, its capable of lifting a Epic Dragon, Anamorphic Lens, Fiz, HD Downlinks without even breaking a sweat. Our “Crash Cam X8-CC” is just that, used when filming situations get a bit too hairy to risk $100,000 worth of gear. The “Ocean X8-O” is for the special occasion when you want to get shots in harsh weather – the “Ocean X8-O” is so unique it can even land and take off in water


How long can we shoot: Our UAV – Drones have the longest flight times in the world! Our batteries are in dual, quad or hexa configurations from 32,000-96,000Mah! We have enough to last all day in bursts of “10-20 minutes w/ Epic”,  “20-40 minutes  w/ DSLR” and 60-90min w/ Flir”… depending on configuration – our UAV – Drones have the longest flight times in the world guarantied!


Can we change camera/lenses: Yes, with minimal downtime for re-balancing and testing – usually takes less than 10 minutes.


Can we used Anamorphic Lenses and Remote Focus Units: Yes! We have a selection of recommended cine and anamorphic lenses what we have tested and use. We also have our own Preston Fiz’s for follow focus and/or iris control.


What is the downtime between battery swapping and systems checks: Less than 5 minutes and have enough batteries to last all day.


Does it have video downlink for video village: Yes, we provide wireless hand-held client/agency monitors – 6x SD “long range 2000+ft” and 2x HD “long range 2000+ft” live video feeds which can be daisy chained to as many monitors as needed.


 How fast is it and can it fly in wind: Top speeds are around 30-40mph depending on conditions – all of the rigs are specify designed to handle winds in excess 10+ knots. We are the only UAV – Drone operation that will fly in rain conditions – largest issue is keeping water off the lens.


What is dual operator: Complex shots require a dedicated camera operator to control the 360-degree pan/tilt stabilization gimbal while the pilot controls the flight path.  We have both custom Preston FIZ 3 and Preston Single Channel when remote focus is needed.


What is the weight of your UAV – Drones: Both the “Extended and Compact” weight 35-40lbs when fully kit’ed, Crash Cam UAV-Drone is 22-25lbs and Ocean is 7lbs. Our largest UAV – Drone is capable over 140LBS of thrust!!!


Can we shoot indoors: Yes we can shoot in any space indoors providing that there is at least 8×8 feet of clearance around the aerial rig.


Can we shoot in the rain: Yes we fly in rain/misty conditions.  We also have a smaller fully waterproof GoPro version capable of landing and taking off from the water, we can even get underwater shots with this configuration.


What are the distances and heights UAV – Drones can fly at: Line of sight 300ft, data link up to 3000ft.  Maximum flying height is 100-400 feet depending on location.  For higher altitudes, we need to get airspace approval and the required permits.


Is the  footage smooth: We design and implement the latest in gimbal stabilization technology, so it’s as smooth as it can possible be. Under certain conditions like high speed car chases, some post stabilization may be needed  – our Pilot is also a Onset VFX Supervisor and will discuss with the DP; best practice to achieve the directors vision.


What is 6mile Data Link: An automated flight system that will fly the rig between selected google map waypoints.


Is it dangerous: We take every precaution so it is not dangerous – safety precaution like: GPS auto-pilot, automated return-to-home, automated failsafe landing, manual override, crew safety briefings before shooting, etc.


What if it has a prop or motor failure: Props are inspected after each flight and the UAV – Drones have redundancy, meaning if a prop/motor fails it will still fly.


How many people on the team: We have 3 members on location (pilot, camera operator and ground station assistant).


Are you insured: Yes we have our own production insurance covering all liability, property and equipment.

Advantages over a full-sized helicopter - click to open



LIMITED LOW ALTITUDE: Helicopters require special authorization to fly lower than 1000ft.
Low Altitude aerial cinematography & photography About Us
NO LOW LIMIT: We fly from 0 – 400ft which allows us to capture close-to-action footage as well as high altitude panoramics.


EXPENSIVE: Hiring a Helicopter, Pilot, Gimbal and Aerial Camera Operator is not cheap.
USD aerial cinematography & photography About Us
COST EFFECTIVE: Our services give clients more flexibility, more options, more time and more room in their budget at the end of the day.


POLLUTION: Noisy, consumes large amounts of fuel, not eco-friendly.
gas1 aerial cinematography & photography About Us
CLEAN: We use Lithium-polymer batteries to power our systems, which provides clean and efficient power.


TIME CONSUMING: Wasted time spent rigging camera mounts, fueling and traveling to the designated location.
Clock aerial cinematography & photography About Us
TIME SENSITIVE: Easy to move to new location, in the air within minutes &  enough batteries to fly for hours.


LIMITED COMMUNICATION: Cock-pit sizes are small which severely limits the ability for Director/DP’s to give creative input to agency & client.
headsets aerial cinematography & photography About Us
COMMUNICATION: Director, DP, Agency and Client can see live video streams of the shot and give direction to us via our “Clear-Com HME headsets”.




TIME CONSUMING: Changing positions requires de-rigging, and re-rigging which takes time.
Clock aerial cinematography & photography About Us
QUICK: Once initial set-up is complete, we can quickly relocate and carry our system to the next location.


LIMITED MOTION: Motion is limited to boom length and position, likewise positioning of a jib is limited by the ground it’s located on.
Arrows aerial cinematography & photography About Us
UNLIMITED FREEDOM: Our systems are free to move in any direction up to 400ft height, 3000ft distance and 30MPH!


HEAVY: More crew needed, large frames, cases upon cases of counter-weights and components make it less efficient.
weight aerial cinematography & photography About Us
LIGHT: The entire UAV-Drone with camera weighs less than 50lbs and easy to travel to even the most remote locations.


we fly dragon, epic, miro, c500  & more…


We offer Aerials, Stabilized Handhelds, Traditional Cinema / Photography, RC Car, Cablecam and Drone Sales to various industries "Film, Marketing, PR, Agriculture, Mining, Government, etc" using the latest in camera technology to capture "6K Raw Video, High Megapixel Stills, Thermal Imaging, LiDar and more"...


Mazda aerial cinematography & photography ServicesFEATURES & COMMERCIALS

Aerial Cinematography using Red Dragon or any similar large camera, OPEN PERMITTED, fully insured and the most experience flying Reds


movi aerial cinematography & photography ServicesMOVI STABILIZED GIMBALS
Once only reserved for Drones; Freefly’s Movi is now revolutionizing how handheld scenes are shot. Use it handheld or rigged + “Wheels” for remote camera operation!


RVRD aerial 21 aerial cinematography & photography ServicesMARKETING & SURVEYING
High Resolution Still, Thermal Imaging and 3D LiDar for various markets – Real-estate, Sports, Mining, Agriculture, Government, Etc.


RC aerial cinematography & photography ServicesRC CAR & CABLE CAMS

1:5th RC Car (36×24″) that can drive an Epic Dragon w/ Stabilized Gimbal up to 30mph and “Cablecams” for tight areas where our Drones can’t access.


Take your production to new heights

Sample Videos

A small compilation of recent commercial/feature film work between Fall 2013 - Winter 2014, shot on Red Epic and Canon C-Series Cameras with RVRD Drones and Handheld Gimbals. Every shot was done with 1 of our 5 custom made UAV / Drones and Stabilized Handheld Rigs specifically designed for high-end film productions.

“Drone Aerials” A few shots to show some of the possibilities with drones/uav’s, will post more footage once released by productions.

“THE TRIP” 2014 Winner of the Telus Whistler 72hr Film Contest, 1 continuous take shot by Revered Cinema with our handheld rigs.

“The Art of Expression – Moves” – Freestyle move (2:16) shot by Revered Cinema with our handheld rigs.

passionate ABOUT FILM

Meet the Team

We have 30+ years combined film production experience to bring onset. We own our cameras and equipment and know how to prep and operate virtually every camera made (Epic, Phantom, Alexa, F5, Weisscam, C500, etc). You will be hard pressed to find a more experienced and professional team then Revered Cinema (RVRD).

RVRD LU6R8770 aerial cinematography & photography Meet the Team

Aerial Director / DP / Pilot
Jason has been involved in film since his early pro snowboard days filming with Warren Miller in Lake Tahoe. Though not as good as Derek at boarding “below”; he is one of many talents. Jason has been a compositor, compositing supervisor, onset VFX supervisor, commercial stills photographer, cinematographer and director. These skills helped Jason start two very successful post houses where Electronic Arts used his studios for some of their largest game franchises.


Jason has always been fascinated by making things… designs highend furniture, dabbles in interior design, builds aerial rigs to fly the largest of cameras and much more. Jason really enjoys helping clients bring their ideas to reality, being well versed in many disciplines makes it possible – cinematography, photography, visual effects and directing.



rvrd derek bw1 aerial cinematography & photography Meet the Team

DP / Camera Operator

Derek has been working around cameras for most of his professional life. As one of the most photographed snowboarders of his time, he spent 15+ years traveling and working alongside the sports industry’s top photo/cinematographer’s, Warren Miller Films, and as an athlete in the 1998 Nagano Olympics.


After retirement from pro snowboarding, Derek focused his attention on a career in film & television. Derek oversaw marketing for Oakley eyewear, which included shooting their advertising photography. He has worked as an Assistant Camera on hundreds of tv shows, features and commercials. Derek also has 1000’s of hours working with specialized remote camera head systems on sets for Filmotechnic, which have given him invaluable training for RVRD’s camera gimbal’s.


rvrd jesse aerial cinematography & photography Meet the Team

Groundstation Technician

Jesse is an expert in Carnet Services, shipping large quantities of production equipment globally, while ensuring everything gets to where it needs to be. He has managed high-end equipment delivery requirements for several large productions to various locations like Russia, Costa Rica, L.A., Louisiana and many more; an experience that has gained him key international contacts and vast knowledge in complex production management situations.


Jesse further demonstrates his skills of negotiation and persuasion with sales and promotions of products and events on a national and international scale. His in-depth technical knowledge, along with an immensely creative eye and business savvy will help RVRD be successful!



Our Partners.


partners aerial cinematography & photography Partners



We have been working hard and having fun making movie magic, here are some recent posts of what we have been up too.

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    New Equipment

    Cameras In-house: Red Epic with PL Motion Mount (soon Dragon 6K upgraded), Blackmagic Production 4k...

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    To accommodate the busy production season upon us, we are happy to announce we have expanded, and...

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    Disney’s “Descendants”

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    “Open Permitted” Thoughout Canada!

    RVRD just received amazing news! We are now OPEN PERMITTED throughout Canada by Transport Canada to...

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    Actsafe Executive Director, Geoff Teoli, visited a local park to spend some time with RVRD’s...

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