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On Screen Hero Drones for Film Productions

Revered Cinema specializes in crafting Hero Drones designed for film and TV appearances. With full ownership of our drone designs, we streamline the on-screen process for productions. Our Hero Drones aren't just tools; they're vital cast and crew members, unlocking unprecedented shot possibilities.

We have completed over 20 jobs where we have built, modified and flown in front of the camera

We're able to shoot air to air, in order to capture the picture drone flying at height.

We have an incredibly talented team with diverse backgrounds - having both design and piloting expertise covered.

Hero Drones for Film and Television
Hero Drones for Film and Television
Hero Drones for Film and Television

We work alongside art and props departments to add or modify anything on the hero drone to meet specifications and appearance.

Get in touch with us regarding all of your on-screen drone needs


Hero drone projects completed


Full drone teams available to work seamlessly


Years of experience building and piloting custom made drones

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